6-Week Bodyweight Fitness Dramatic Results

Want to burn fat? Build core strength? Feel better? Discover your inner warrior! Garage Gym Athlete inspires you to begin living your fullest potential in just 6 weeks.

  • 9 online workouts

  • 6 weeks of fitness programming

  • 6 Challenge Days to develop resiliency and toughness

  • Exceptionally effective functional bodyweight movements

  • Mobility and flexibility techniques and drills you need to thrive

  • Strength, stamina, and durability exercises to increase your metabolic conditioning

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Normally $297

40+ days. 15 workouts. 1 new you. This is a total body-mind transformation.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome To Invictus Conditioning: Garage Gym Athlete!

    • Welcome: Start Here!

    • Standard Operating Procedures: How To Use


    • PT Baseline Assessment

    • Print Your Training Progress Log

    • Glossary Of Terms

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    Week 1

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    Week 2

    • Day 8

    • Day 9

    • Day 10

    • Day 11

    • Day 12


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    Week 3

    • Day 15

    • Day 16

    • Day 17

    • Day 18

    • Day 19


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    Week 4

  • 6

    Week 5

    • Day 29

    • Day 30

    • Day 31

    • Day 32

    • Day 33


  • 7

    Week 6

    • Day 36

    • Day 37

    • Day 38

    • Day 39

    • Day 40


  • 8


    • Forging An Undefeated Mindset: A Mental Toughness Field Guide

    • Invictus Nutrition: An Athlete's Guide To Healthier Decisions

Bonuses To Help You Accelerate Your Results

  • BONUS Nutrition Guide

    Easy-to-use and employ nutrition guide for making healthier fueling choices and promote recovery ($10 value)

  • BONUS Mindset Handbook

    Mental toughness ebook to catalyze your body-mind transformation forging an undefeated mindset ($10 value)

Don't just wish for success, work for it!

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Become An Invictus Success Story

More Energy And Focus

Kurt W.

Since I've started Invictus [Conditioning], I've lost over 20 pounds and at least a couple of inches on my waistline. I have more energy and focus, and I'm FAR more prepared for daily classes.

All Aspects Of Life

Billy S.

Our son has achieved so much with your help and guidance, not only in his martial arts studies but in all aspects of his life. His confidence, patience, and perseverance when problem-solving is the direct result of your program.

Another Level

Chris W.

After six weeks, I already feel like my ability in martial arts has been pushed to another level. The conditioning is challenging but reasonable, and each week I felt many steps closer to my goal of black belt.

A New You Starts Here!

Discover how you can kickstart your best life now with a proven program design to help you transform goals into real results.


  • Which program is right for me?

    Based on your current daily level of activity intensity, you may want to consider the following: Light (minimal exercise)- Bootcamp or Athlete; Moderate (exercise 3-4x per week)- Advanced; Vigorous (exercise 5-7x per week)- Elite

  • How do I use the training?

    Each day is scheduled for the next six weeks and has a theme related to success in martial arts, fitness, and life. Read carefully the movements, timing, reps, etc. Each session will take 20-30 minutes. Never sacrifice form for speed and stay safe at all times.

  • What results can I expect?

    Results vary and are dependent on you but experience proves that people always get great results! In fact, you'll get whatever you put into it. So, set a goal for yourself and join the over 100 people in the past five years that have easily used this program to quickly accomplish their goals.

  • Can I share this program with anyone else?

    This program is for your personal use ONLY! But we strongly encourage you to please tell your friends about it. Be aware that Invictus Conditioning is copyrighted material.

  • What if I get injured?

    Invictus Martial Arts nor any of its staff, affiliates, or officers are medical professionals. Immediately discontinue training and seek the advice of a doctor or trusted medical advisor. Use at your own risk.

  • What equipment do I need?

    You and gravity. Invictus Conditioning was developed to maximize results using functional bodyweight movements. No additional equipment is required.


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