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Muay Thai Boxing Combo

Course curriculum

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    • READ FIRST: User Guide

    • Download: Training Guide

    • Download: Fitness Drills

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    White Belt

    • Download: MMA Training Drills

    • Lesson 1: K-1 Forward Fighting Stance

    • Lesson 2: K-1 Linear Footwork

    • Quiz 1: K-1 Fighting Stance and Linear Footwork

    • Lesson 3: Jab & Cross

    • Lesson 4: Jab & Cross Cover Defense

    • Lesson 5: Jab & Cross Evasion

    • Quiz 2: Jab, Cross, & Defense

    • Lesson 6: Jab & Cross Hand Defense

    • Lesson 7: Jab-Catch-Jab Drill

    • Quiz 3: Catch, Parry, & Jab-Catch

    • Lesson 8: K-1 Straight Knee

    • Lesson 9: Muay Thai Knee

    • Quiz 4: Knees

    • Lesson 10: K-1 Front Kick

    • Lesson 11: Muay Thai Teep Kick

    • Lesson 12: Knee & Front Kick Defense

    • Quiz 5: Kicks

    • Lesson 13: K-1 Boxing Combo #1

    • Lesson 14: Muay Thai Combo #1

    • Quiz 6: Boxing Combos

    • Lesson 15: K-1 Long Form

    • Lesson 16: Muay Thai Long Form

    • Quiz 7: Long Forms

    • Progress Check

    • Gold Belt Rank Assessment

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